A Unique Purdey 12-bore Sidelock Over and Under

A Unique Purdey 12-bore Sidelock Over and Under

London, UK -(FirearmsGuide.com)- A London Classic. The Purdey Sidelock Over & Under is one of the oldest actions of its kind still in production, having been introduced by James Woodward & Sons in 1913. Today’s 12-bore Sidelock gun is a true ‘exhibition-grade’ example of this iconic shotgun, combining the elegance of its classic lines with outstanding engraving, and is available to purchase now.

Beautiful Gold Inlaid Engraving. The perfect execution of Gold inlay in engraving is an art form within the art of engraving. This ultra-round action body has been engraved by Phil Coggan, the left lock has gold-encrusted Pheasants in flight on the left lock, Partridges on the right and a Grouse on the underside, all overlaid on a large scroll design. The Silver finish provides the perfect contrast, balancing and complementing the gold details, with a stippled background for greater relief.

The Ideal Modern Game Gun. Fitted with our single trigger mechanism, the 30-inch barrels have been completed with a solid game-rib, 2 3/4-inch chambers, and are proofed for steel shot. The highly figured 15 1/2 inch stock has a semi-pistolgrip with engraved grip cap, and the overall finished weight is 8lb – 3oz. Please contact us below for further information.

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