Bond Arms® Grizzly Compact Double Barrel Handgun & Holster

Bond Arms® Grizzly Compact Double Barrel Handgun & Holster

Granbury, TX -( The Grizzly Bear embodies the North American Wilderness’s power, strength and soul. It may not be the largest animal to roam the Americas, but it ranks among the fiercest and strongest encounters in the wild. Like the Bond Arms’ Grizzly, size does not always determine overall power.

The Grizzly set, consisting of the Grizzly derringer and a leather holster, represents one of Bond Arms’ most iconic designs. It features a 3-inch barrel chambered in 45 Colt/410 and boasts an extended rosewood grip that allows for a full hand grip. The Grizzly, like all Bond derringers, has a two-shot capacity, bladed front sights and fixed rear sights. Its short barrel makes it easy to carry and is ideal for short-range defense.

The holster that comes standard with the Grizzly, also available separately, is crafted from leather and accommodates any of the Bond 3-inch pistols. It’s the perfect size for an inside-the-waist or pocket holster, featuring a bear silhouette stamp on the side and securing the pistol with a hammer loop. It comes in both right and left-hand draw options with brown or black finishes.

In terms of design, Bond produces a wide range of derringers and pistols known for their exceptional quality and features. The stainless barrel and frame are durable and compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels. Additional safety features include a crossbar safety for enhanced handling control and a patented rebounding hammer that ensures efficient and consistent firing of various manufacturer ammunition. The spring-loaded, cammed locking lever facilitates efficient and fast loading.

The Grizzly can meet all needs, whether for wilderness protection or urban safety. It can fire both 45 Colt and 410, allowing one to load anemic 45 Colt rounds for target practice or carry full-power 45 Colt loads and 410 for defensive purposes. The current MSRP for the Grizzly is $377.

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