Helix 6 Precision Announces 68 New Carbon Fiber Barrels

Helix 6 Precision Announces 68 New Carbon Fiber Barrels

Vancouver, WA – Manufacturer of uncompromising carbon fiber barrels, Helix 6 Precision is pleased to announce the addition of 68 new barrel options. These barrels are available now.


Helix 6 Precision has more than doubled the product line offerings, with many new prefit additions for some of the industry’s most popular actions; and new calibers for existing barrel lines. Helix 6 Precision customers will now enjoy prefit options for the Defiance Machine Ruckus, Aero Precision SOLUS, Tikka T3, as well as the Zermatt Origin and TL3. Additional calibers have been added for the Sig Cross, Savage, and AR15 line, along with a new Tikka Hunter profile barrel blanks.

“After watching the trends in the industry over the past couple of years, we decided it was time to significantly expand our offerings and provide more turnkey prefit options for our customers. This expansion represents a significant investment in our Helix 6 Precision customer base as well as in the additional brands we are now supporting.” Said Jon Beagle – CEO Helix 6 Precision


Number Of New Barrels Options

? Sig Cross – 12

? Defiance Ruckus – 10

? Aero Precision SOLUS – 8

? Tikka T3 – 9

? Blank Tika Hunter profile – 6

? Zermatt Origin -11

? Zermatt TL3 – 6

? AR Platform – 3

? Savage – 1

? 375 barrel blank – 2

Website: www.helix6precision.com

About Helix 6 Precision


Helix 6 Precision began manufacturing high-performance carbon fiber barrels in Vancouver WA in 2016. Starting with the industry’s most advanced carbon fiber engineering and technology, Helix 6 Precision has developed new cutting-edge carbon fiber processes specific to rifle barrel manufacturing. These processes and quality control measures are the foundation on which we create a consistently precise barrel that is lighter, stronger, and faster cooling than anything available on the market today. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube












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