Holosun Earns Prestigious Golden Bullseye Award for Revolutionary SCRS Optic

Holosun Earns Prestigious Golden Bullseye Award for Revolutionary SCRS Optic

City of Industry, CA (June 10, 2024) – Innovation in the firearms industry is a relentless pursuit, and the Golden Bullseye Award stands as a beacon, guiding enthusiasts toward the pinnacle of excellence.


Recognizing outstanding achievements in firearm optics, the Golden Bullseye Award celebrates those who dare to push boundaries and redefine standards. This year, Holosun proudly stands among the elite as the recipient of this esteemed accolade for their groundbreaking SCRS optic.

The Golden Bullseye Award selection process is rigorous, with a thorough evaluation conducted by a diverse panel of experts. Amidst a sea of contenders, Holosun’s SCRS optic emerged as a game-changer, earning acclaim for its innovation, performance, and reliability.

Designed for long gun applications, its ultra-compact 20mm tube delivers unparalleled versatility and functionality. Boasting a 509T footprint and accompanied by a lower 1/3 co-witness riser, the SCRS seamlessly integrates into any setup, whether as a standalone optic or mounted to compatible offset mounts.

Josh Erikson, Marketing Manager for Holosun, expressed gratitude for the recognition, stating, “We are honored to receive the Golden Bullseye Award for our SCRS optic. This prestigious accolade reaffirms our commitment to innovation and excellence in the firearms industry. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the National Rifle Association for this honor.”



Holosun’s receipt of the 2024 Golden Bullseye Award underscores its dedication to pushing the boundaries of firearm optics. With a steadfast focus on research, development, and customer satisfaction, Holosun continues to lead the way in delivering cutting-edge solutions to shooters of all levels.

As an industry leader, Holosun remains steadfast in enhancing the shooting experience through relentless innovation. The Golden Bullseye Award validates Holosun’s unwavering commitment to excellence and sets a new standard for optical performance in the firearms industry.

In accepting this prestigious award, Holosun reaffirms its pledge to uphold the highest quality, reliability, and innovation standards. The SCRS optic represents a triumph in engineering and a testament to Holosun’s unwavering dedication to advancing firearm optics.

As the firearms industry evolves, Holosun stands poised at the forefront of innovation, shaping the future of optical technology one breakthrough at a time. With the Golden Bullseye Award adorning its mantle, Holosun looks forward to continuing its legacy of excellence and pushing the boundaries of possibility in pursuing perfection.


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