Introducing the HYDRA Survival Package (4 Caliber Kit)

Introducing the HYDRA Survival Package (4 Caliber Kit)

Hermon, Maine (June 2024) – Hydra Weaponry, Maine’s largest firearms employer, designers, and manufacturers of the truly modular MARCK-15 Hydra® Weapon System, is proud to announce the launch of the HYDRA® Survival Package (4 Caliber Kit), the ultimate all-in-one tactical case for firearm enthusiasts and professionals. This innovative package combines four popular calibers into a single, versatile system, providing unmatched adaptability and performance for any situation.



The HYDRA Survival Package includes:

• 9mm Hydra Rifle: Utilizes your choice of Colt Style 9mm SMG or MP5 magazines, ensuring compatibility and reliability.

• Hydra 5.56 Conversion Kit: Features a 16-inch 5.56 Barrel, complete Hydra Modified Bolt Carrier Group, Hydra D-Fender D-Ring for enhanced reliability, and an AR Mag Well.

• Hydra 7.62 x 39 Conversion Kit: Comes with a 16-inch 7.62 x 39 Barrel, Hydra Enhanced 7.62 x 39 Bolt and Firing Pin (EAK) installed in the Hydra Modified Bolt Carrier, Hydra D-Fender D-Ring for enhanced reliability, and an AK47 Mag Well.

• .300 Blackout Barrel Assembly: A complete 16-inch .300 Blackout Barrel assembly, ready for immediate use.


All magazines for each caliber are included in this comprehensive package, ensuring you have everything you need right out of the box.


Each component of the HDYRA Survival Package is meticulously test-fired before packaging, guaranteeing top-notch performance. The rifle is equipped with full-length and carbine-length rails and is compatible with Mlok, Keymod, and Picatinny rail inserts for maximum customization. Weighing 20 lbs. and measuring 30 x 15 x 5 inches, the tactical case is designed for portability and durability. MSRP $3,499.99 – $3,639.99.


An FFL (Federal Firearms License) is necessary for purchase. All federal and state rules apply. California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York residents must select state-compliant options.


For more information about Hydra Weaponry’s product offerings, please visit or contact our customer service team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 855-493-7221



About Hydra Weaponry

Headquartered in Maine, Hydra Weaponry has 50 years of firearms innovation in its DNA. Starting with the development of the Bushmaster pistol, rifle, and submachine gun, the Gwinn family has set a high standard of designing innovative firearm platforms built around the actual needs of tactical operators, often fighting in extreme conditions and environments. The MARCK-15 Hydra Modular Weapons System is the ultimate modular platform that designer Mack Gwinn, Jr. created to meet the criteria of modularity, durability, consistent performance, accuracy, and affordable. Hydra Weaponry is the future of small arms.






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