NEW KILO10K-ABS HD GEN II Rangefinding Binocular

NEW KILO10K-ABS HD GEN II Rangefinding Binocular

Newington, NH -( Reengineered as the result of direct user feedback, the most powerful and capable ballistic rangefinding binocular has arrived.

The KILO10K-ABS HD Gen II Rangefinding Binocular features a completely redesigned optical system that improves color accuracy and low light performance by 95%.

Complete with the same powerful onboard environmental sensors, digital compass, active-matrix OLED display, and Gen II Lighwave DSP Ranging Engine that has helped the KILO series rangefinders dominate the hunting and long range shooting space, the KILO10K-ABS HD Gen II is the single solution for discerning shooters.

MSRP  $2,699.99

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