Newsom’s 28th Amendment Move Stalls Big Time and More 2A News

Newsom’s 28th Amendment Move Stalls Big Time and More 2A News

Can we get a round of applause for Governor Gavin Newsom’s failed attempt to change the U.S. Constitution to derail the Second Amendment by imposing new restrictions on gun ownership?  We are at the one year anniversary of this boondoggle and GOC is pleased to report that NOT ONE STATE HAS SIGNED ON TO HIS CAMPAIGN FOR A 28th AMENDMENT.

 His scheme to upend the rights of untold millions of Americans has fallen flat – read more about it in the story from CalMatters.

And even though his push to mess with the Second Amendment has floundered, his anti-gun partners in the legislature are still forcing the issue.  Tomorrow, June 11, GOC’s Executive Director will be testifying in the Assembly Public Safety Committee in opposition to SB 53, Senator Anthony Portantino’s latest attempt to stick it to the lawful.  SB 53 would prohibit a person from keeping a firearm in a home unless the firearm is stored in a locked box or safe (designated as approved by the Department of Justice) so that the firearm cannot be accessed by any person other than the owner.  There’s still time to weigh in on our Legislative Action Center and to watch the committee action tomorrow, click HERE.  Remember – we have generated thousands of messages to Legislators – keep your foot on the pedal and let them know you support GOC and the Second Amendment!


REMINDER!  Forcing the lawful to pay the price that comes from criminals’ misuse of firearms will not reduce the problem of gun violence.  Click HERE for an update on the upcoming 11% gun/ammo tax and how YOU can help.


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