Revolutionizing the Bullpup Shotgun with a Semi-Auto Option: Escort Bulltac SA

Revolutionizing the Bullpup Shotgun with a Semi-Auto Option: Escort Bulltac SA

Rogers, AR -( One of the newest additions to Escort’s lineup is a superior compact bullpup shotgun in semi-auto. Bullpup designs solve the potential difficulties of long arm storage, use, and carry in confined spaces or for those who wish to retain superior handling. Semi-automatic bullpup shotguns shine with the ability to keep recoil directed in one area for easy follow-up shots.

Hatsan and Escort Shotguns have a proven record of manufacturing and sales and lead the way in design and function. New for 2024 is another bullpup named the Bulltac SA. Complemented by a pump action option with the same name, this semi-auto shotgun is available in black, gray, OD green, or flat dark earth. Each color is available in 3-inch 12-gauge, 20-gauge, or 410 caliber, making it suitable for security, law enforcement, or sporting uses.

The Bulltac SA’s 18-inch barrel has a fixed cylinder choke and is chrome-plated and oxidation-resistant. A removable vented front brake and muzzle cap come standard. It’s affixed to a black anodized aircraft aluminum alloy receiver capable of handling all standard shotgun loads. On the barreled action is attached an ergonomically designed forearm and pistol grip for exceptional control while maintaining a 27.75-inch overall length.

The top of the Bulltac SA is a carry handle with integrated, adjustable front and rear iron sights. This carry handle also houses a rail section that can accept an optic of choice and a side rail for lights and accessories. As with most firearms made today, a cross-button manual safety is placed for easy manipulation. The relatively low overall weight (7 lbs 12 gauge, 6.8 lbs 20 gauge, 6.7 lbs 410 gauge) adds to the Bulltac’s maneuverability and usability.

The Bulltac SA is a great option for anyone needing a maneuverable, compact, relatively lightweight shotgun with a pump action design. For the sports shooter, the pump action removed specific state restrictions on capacity. Storage becomes an afterthought when the overall usable length is just over two feet. This makes it a viable and unique option for the firearm enthusiast, hunter, and police alike.

•    Security, law enforcement, & sporting purpose bullpup, pump-action shotgun
•    12-gauge, 20-gauge, & .410 caliber; 3″ / 76mm chamber Adjustable rear sights built into carry handle with built-in front sights
•    Removable vented muzzle break and muzzle cap included
•    Ergonomic designed forearm & pistol grip
•    Oxidation-resistant chrome-plated barrel
•    Fixed cylinder choke; proof-tested barrel
•    Tough matte black, gray, FDE, OD Green

•    Overall Length: 27.75″/70.3cm
•    Model: Escort Bulltac SA
•    Gauge: 12, 20, and 410
•    Chamber: 3” 76mm Magnum
•    Receiver: Black Anodized Aircraft Alloy
•    Barrel: Oxidation Resistant Chrome Finished
•    Barrel Length: 18” 46cm
•    Sights: Adjustable Rear Sight Fixed Front Sight
•    Safety: Cross Button Safety
•    Weight: 7lbs/12GA, 6.8lbs/20GA, 6.7lbs/.410 Cal


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