Scent Thief Body Wash & Shampoo a Crucial Part of Hunting Undetected

Scent Thief Body Wash & Shampoo a Crucial Part of Hunting Undetected

Prairie Village, KS -( Scent Thief® has revolutionized scent control for hunters and trappers. Proper scent control begins well before exiting the vehicle and heading to the woods. The Scent Thief Body Wash & Shampoo eliminates a wide range of odors, including body odor, food smells, and other common human scents, before each hunt. It offers long-lasting, scent-blocking protection that prevents animals from detecting human odors, providing complete coverage from the shower to the stand.

Specially designed to cleanse the body and hair thoroughly, the Scent Thief Body Wash & Shampoo contains the same double-patented, odor-blocking No Smell Technology™ found in all of Scent Thief’s products. This technology works by targeting the area of an animal’s nose that is responsible for smell and relaxing it, effectively blocking the signal that triggers danger. This puts an end to animals using their noses to detect human predators.

Other body and hair washes on the market often contain harsh chemicals to clean and control human odors. Scent Thief Body Wash & Shampoo is different – it contains a unique formula of environmentally friendly essential oils to gently cleanse and condition hair and skin and provide an effective scent barrier that keeps hunters from getting winded.

Incorporating this unique body wash and shampoo into the hunting preparation routine is the most efficient way to conceal human scent and fool the wary noses of deer, elk, bear, and other big game. Scent Thief Body Wash & Shampoo is available in a stand-alone 16-ounce bottle, as part of the Scent Thief Trophy Pack, or in the Hunter’s Pack.

Whether on access trails, in tree stands, scouting for game, or just checking game cameras, use the Scent Thief system to go undetected – and get closer to game than ever before. Protect every hunt with the technology of Scent Thief!
Scent Thief Body Wash & Shampoo Features:
•    Two-in-one body wash and shampoo gel.
•    Patented Scent Thief odor-blocking No Smell Technology.
•    Long-lasting and easy to use.
•    Contains a light Earth scent.
•    For use with the Scent Thief System for total scent coverage.
•    Removes all human and chemical odors.

Shampoo & Body Wash Specifications:
•    One 16 fluid ounce bottle

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