Scent Thief is Proud to Announce Its Partnership with Adam Hays

Scent Thief is Proud to Announce Its Partnership with Adam Hays

Prairie Village, KS (May 28, 2024) – Scent Thief®, the trailblazer in scent control technology for hunters and trappers, proudly announces their latest partnership with Adam Hays, owner of Team 200 and the MoonGuide App. With a career founded in hunter success and television, Adam Hays brings production experience to help drive Scent Thief’s brand recognition forward.


As the owner of Team200 TV and the MoonGuide app, Adam began his television journey with Wolf Creek Productions on shows like Outdoor America and American Archer. His production career took off with Skyline Camouflage’s Hunting the Horizons, followed by a stint at Lone Wolf Treestands, where he crafted Whitetail Addictions. Later, Adam joined forces with Tom Miranda, contributing to the production of Mathews’ Dominant Bucks.



Looking back on his roots in central Ohio, Hays shares, “My father bow hunted and had me shooting my first bow at the age of four. Going into my 43rd season of bowhunting, I make my living chasing big whitetails. I don’t cut corners on the products I use and believe success lies in the details, especially scent control.” Adam continues, “My tactics revolve around giving a mature buck the wind to his advantage, which creates some special circumstances in itself. After listening to the story about how it was created and how effective it is, I knew Scent Thief was a product I needed to try for myself. I’m excited to put Scent Thief to the test this fall!”


Russel Epperson, inventor, and the Carpenter family, avid hunters and owners of Scent Thief, express their appreciation for Adam’s partnership. Together, they are focused on enhancing Scent Thief’s visibility and success in the hunting industry. Epperson noted, “Adam’s commitment to the outdoors and his dedication to quality align with our values at Scent Thief. We look forward to working together to demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of our products to hunters across the country.”


Adam Hays’ collaboration with Scent Thief represents a partnership focused on the brand’s mission. As a respected figure in the outdoor community, Adam will contribute significantly to Scent Thief’s marketing efforts. He will appear in promotional materials, attend events, and engage with hunters to highlight the effectiveness of Scent Thief’s products. By leveraging Adam’s expertise alongside Scent Thief’s technology, the brand aims to reinforce its position in scent control and offer hunters practical tools for their field endeavors.


Scent Thief’s roster of personalities spans various renowned figures in the outdoor community, featuring names like Levi Morgan, Tyler Jordan, Buck Commander, American Archer, Hunt Club, Hooked Hunting, and Innerlocs’ OutThere. The brand is honored to maintain its partnership with each of these individuals, who collectively work to elevate the Scent Thief brand and expand its reach within the hunting industry.



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