The Streamlight Strion 2020 Rechargeable Flashlight with wall snap-in charger

The Streamlight Strion 2020 Rechargeable Flashlight with wall snap-in charger

Los Angeles, CA – ( – The Streamlight Strion 2020 is a 1,200 Lumens ultra-bright, compact tactical rechargeable flashlight that can go for hours without getting tired. For more info please read the article or buy it here:


The Streamlight Strion 2020 is simple to operate flashlight so I will try to keep this review as short as possible. In this article, I included my video review of this new flashlight so please watch it to see unpacking, presentation of all tech features, and also the night test in the super dark garage of a large apartment building. 


What’s in the Box?

• Streamlight Strion 2020 flashlight 

• Streamlight 3450mAh (Li-Ion) Rechargeable battery

• Strion Wall Charger with Charge Holder

• Wall Mounting Screws

• Car Charger

• User Manual



The Streamlight Strion 2020 is made from durable machined aircraft anodized aluminum with an anodized black finish. It has an ergonomic anti-roll body design with with textured barrel for a sure grip. The textured barrel is deep textured (much more than most other tested flashlights) so Strion will be hard to slip even if you wearing gloves or if you work in a very dirty/wet/muddy environment. 

It looks awesome but it also makes it very resistant to the elements. It has a high temperature, shock-mounted, corrosion-resistant, and impact-resistant BOROFLOAT glass and sealed gasket. With all those great materials and top manufacturing quality, it has an IPX7 certificate so it is waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes and it is 2 meter impact resistance tested. This is the professional level of quality for the professional use. 




• Length: 6.33″ (16.08 centimeters)

• Head Diameter: 1.25″ (3.18 centimeters)

• Body Diameter: 0.95″ (2.41 centimeters)

• Weight: 5.70 ounces (161.59 grams)



See the night test and full review of the Strion 2020 here:


The Streamlight Strion 2020 is powered by a Streamlight 3450mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with an onboard safety control circuit, 3.6V, rechargeable up to 1000 times. In the box with Strion, you will get a compact, snap-in charger with a digital control circuit that prevents overcharging; LED indicates charge status. That charger can be mounted on the wall and it will fully recharge Strion’s battery in 4.5 hours.

The provided charge base has these LED indications: LED Steady – Charging; LED Blinking – Charged. The Strion is compatible with all existing Strion chargers. 



We like this feature a lot. Simply fix this charger in your garage or next to the entry door and every time you go out just grab a Strion and walk out. Next time you go out to walk a dog or to find something in the garage or basement, your Strion will be ready and fully charged. Plus, in the box, you will get a car/truck charger so if you have a small company and you drive around in a truck or a car for your work you can charge your Strion in your vehicle as well. 

All that battery power powers white, LED (behind impact and chemical-resistant, gasket-sealed acrylic glass lens) that is shock-proof with a 50,000-hour lifetime. A deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination in four light modes. 


The Streamlight Strion 2020 has four operating modes:

– High: 1,200 lumens; 28,000 candela; 335m beam; runs 1.75 hours

– Medium: 460 lumens; 10,000 candela; 200m beam; runs 5.5 hours

– Low: 120 lumens; 3,000 candela; 110m beam; runs 12 hours

– Strobe for disorienting or signaling: runs 3.5 hours



Controls: The Streamlight Strion 2020 has independently functioning head and tail switches. We liked this feature a lot. Depending on the situation or job, sometimes you will use your thumb for the pressing tail switch and sometimes your grip will be for your index finger pressing head switch. Very convenient especially in a situation when you are dealing with a stressful problem and the last thing you need is a flashlight that always turns on or off with some other switch (Murphey’s Law). 

The head switch has a battery status indicator: Green = Full/sufficient battery; Red = Low battery that turns on whenever you turn Strion on. That way you immediately know the charge status of your flashlight. Along with that, it has an intuitive mode select switch for easy selection of High, Medium, or Low. That is a mechanical switch that functions in “Set and forget it” mode. No need to cycle through settings to get to the desired mode.

This is an important feature because it makes life easier and less complicated. Leave your Strion in the desired mode and it will always be there until you switch it to another mode. Simplicity at its best. 



Firearms Guide Test Conclusion: The Streamlight Strion 2020 is a simply fantastic flashlight. It is not heavy duty torch for mountain rescue or disaster area dooms day scenario that lasts 7 days but it is very simple every day rechargeable flashlight for your house or truck. Top build quality, top light output, and top tech & design features. And all of that in a compact and light package. If you think like me to narrow down your choice of flashlights for everyday normal use or if you planning to buy just one flashlight that can reliably serve you in 95% of situations then get the Streamlight Strion 2020. Our opinion is that you simply cannot go wrong with it. Get one here:






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