CANSEC 24 – Logistik Unicorp

CANSEC 24 – Logistik Unicorp

CANSEC 24 – Logistik Unicorp

One of the main reasons I attend CANSEC each year is to see what Logistik Unicorp is up to. They have a long history of innovation as well as working on some great projects. Case in point are the concept uniforms for a new Canadian Army Service Dress.

From a design standpoint, the cut is mindful of World War II dress uniforms with the belt and pleated patch pockets. This falls in line with the nostalgic direction the US Army has taken as well as well as the CANSOF dress uniform which debuted at CANSEC 2017.

Both male and female versions have been created, including skirt options for the ladies. The fabric is an Olive polywool twill with Khaki polycotton for the shirts.

The proposed new color takes the Canadian Army away from the current Rifle Green and returns them to a Lovat hue which reminds me of their Commonwealth membership. It’s decidedly a more martial color as well.

There are loads of features on these garments. One of them that I hope makes it into the final garment is the inclusion of the stable belt, another uniform item long associated with Commonwealth armies. Additionally, they currently foresee buttons for each Regiment.

It’s important to note that these are still concepts at this point and we hope to follow up soon with more information on this project.

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