Discover Mehler Systems’ Offerings at Eurosatory 2024

Discover Mehler Systems’ Offerings at Eurosatory 2024

FULDA, GERMANY (21.5.2024)

United under one banner and one name, MehlerProtection, Lindnerhof, and UF PRO will exhibit at thisyear’s Eurosatory in Paris, France, from 17-21 June. Their offerings will be showcased at Mehler Systems’ booth, no. K280.

Held every two years, Eurosatory is a vital global eventthat brings together manufacturers and key players in the fields of public and private defence and security.

Mehler Protection’s focus will be on presenting therevolutionary ExoM Up-Armoured Exoskeleton. Initiatedby the GIGN (Intervention Group for FrenchGendarmerie) and co-developed through a collaborativeeffort between Mehler Protection and Mawashi Science & Technology funded by the Defence Innovation Agency(DIA), this groundbreaking product is meticulouslycrafted to deliver top-tier ballistic protection withoutimposing additional weight on the operator. Additionally, the spotlight will be on the M.U.S.T. system (ModularUniversal Scalable Technology), developed in cooperation with Lindnerhof and renowned for itsadaptability and versatile configurability, women’s soft-ballistic panels, and the Omega ballistic helmets line. In addition, the company will display its extensive range ofballistic protection for platforms. These solutions include3D-printed window frames, weapon station shields, advanced armour for land vehicles and other solutionswithin the Mehler Protection M-RACC family.

On the other side of the booth, Lindnerhof will be presenting its extensive portfolio of functional carryingsystems and high-quality, modular equipment for tacticaloperations. From plate carriers, modular bags and beltsystems to the revolutionary heavy load carrying system, also known as “The Beast” – a versatile 5-in-1 carryingsystem and one of this year’s highlights. Also takingcentre stage will be brand new tactical equipment forclimbing and abseiling, which can be put together usingeither a chest harness that can be integrated into theplate carrier or a chest harness with quick releasefunction and the “Shikari” waist harness.

UF PRO will focus on showcasing the versatility of theirStriker garment systems line. Highlights include theStriker FR garment system, which offers robustprotection against flames and intense heat and theStriker X line, engineered to meet the demands ofmilitary special operation personnel. What’s more, UF PRO is coming out with the never-seen-before Striker TT line, designed for hot and humid weather and the lightestin their BDU lineup. Additionally, visitors will have theoption to try on garments from other lines, such as Delta, Monsoon, and more.

The last event before the summer months providesMehler Systems with a platform to showcase theirholistic approach to safeguarding communities’ protectors. This comprehensive strategy includes top-tiertactical gear, ballistic protection, and carrying systems, ensuring complete head-to-toe protection with no detailoverlooked.

With this diverse range of innovations, Mehler Systemsreaffirms its commitment to delivering high-qualitysolutions that meet the stringent safety standards andrequirements of its customers.

To learn more about Mehler Systems at this year’s Eurosatory, visit:

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