Discover the SureFire XR1 Compact WeaponLight

Discover the SureFire XR1 Compact WeaponLight

Fountain Valley, CA—SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, is proud to announce our most powerful compact rechargeable handgun weaponlight for concealed-carry users, the XR1.

The XR1 is a compact, rechargeable handgun light that boasts an impressive 800 lumens and 15,000 candela. The XR1 is activated with intuitive ambidextrous switches that allow for both momentary-on or constant-on activation. This concealable weaponlight operates on a quick-detach battery, enabling the operator to swap out the power source without removing the light from the host weapon.

The XR1 is designed for a concealable mid-size handgun with its ultra-lightweight, extremely compact, low-profile design. Its new rail mount features four points of contact to ensure an added measure of redundancy and security when mounted to a weapon. The dual recoil-proof LEDs result in a Hybrid beam pattern with significant reach downrange as well as ample spill light, so you can positively ID targets at distance while maintaining situational awareness.

XR1-A Features:

• Dual LEDs deliver 800 lumens of intense white light and 15,000 candela shaped in to a Hybrid beam pattern; ideal for positive target identification at short- to medium-range distances, delivering a bright central beam and ample spill light

• Compact form factor is ideal for concealment, adding no additional width or length to most mid-sized concealable handguns.

• SureFire’s intuitive and ambidextrous switching provides momentary-on or constant-on activation for virtually foolproof, stress-free instant activation

• Quick-detach, rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides fast and easy battery swaps without removing the XR1 from the host firearm, ideal for prolonged low light training sessions

• Battery-mounted fuel gauge allows convenient monitoring of charge status; it minimizes your chances of being caught with a dead battery

• Included charging cradle features two charging bays so you can keep charged spare batteries readily at hand

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