Eurosatory 2024: Caracal Airborne Platform Demonstrates High Mobility with synthetic Fuel

Eurosatory 2024: Caracal Airborne Platform Demonstrates High Mobility with synthetic Fuel

The Caracal platform, a pathbreaking outcome of cooperation between Rheinmetall, Mercedes Benz AG and ACS – Armoured Car Systems, has proven to be a pioneering answer to the demands of modern military mobility. From 17 June 2024, the Caracal will be demonstrating its high agility twice a day in the Demonstration Area at Eurosatory 2024, even in difficult terrain. It will be using a new synthetic fuel generated from hydrogen, CO2 and electricity for military use.

Rheinmetall is cooperating with its technology partner INERATEC on this Giga-PtX project vision for a war-ready energy supply with synthetic fuels. Trade journalists will be able to view this demonstration in the Demonstration Area on 16 June 2024. Furthermore, at Rheinmetall’s Eurosatory 2024 stand a Caracal variant fitted with a launcher for Hero-120 loitering ammunition is on show.

The Caracal is also proving successful on the market. After winning a joint order from Germany and the Netherlands for up to 3,058 vehicles, another important contract came as part of Germany’s efforts to aid Ukraine. A total of 20 units of the Caracal, based on stocks of the G-model 461 series, have been delivered as an immediate requirement for the special forces since spring 2024 after just a few months of production. This has sparked interest not only at home but also internationally.

A showpiece of military innovation, the Caracal draws not only on tried-and-tested technologies, but also embodies advanced elements regarding tactics, safety and performance. While for Germany and the Netherlands joint interoperability and the Caracal’s airtransportability in the STH CH-47 Chinook helicopter were decisive design features, the Ukrainian Caracal will deliver maximum land mobility, giving Ukrainian special forces units a critical tactical edge. Incoming orders from Germany, the Netherlands and now Ukraine highlight the global relevance of this binational partnership and its contribution to international security.

Close cooperation between Rheinmetall, Mercedes Benz AG and ACS has resulted not only in a cutting-edge military vehicle, but also in a strategic alliance that bundles the individual strengths of the partners: the Caracal combines a high-performance, large-production run platform – the Mercedes military G class 464 series – with a modular, industrial scalable build-on from ACS. Rheinmetall is in charge of final assembly of the role-specific military mission kits, drawing on its ability to produce customized products on a large scale in relevant customer countries, as well as providing long-term logistical support throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The Caracal platform not only assures maximum mobility on the ground and in the air. It also enables integration of ballistic protection, various weapon systems and technologies, as well as state-of-the-art reconnaissance and communication equipment – critical elements in the modern battlespace.

In addition to technical superiority and benefitting from assured long-term global logistic support, the Caracal is a very reasonably priced vehicle platform which can be flexibly adapted to meet the ever-changing requirements of current and future combat.

The orders from Germany, the Netherlands and Ukraine, coupled with enquiries from numerous other nations make clear the platform’s international market potential.

The partnership between Rheinmetall, Mercedes Benz AG and ACS shows that the future of military mobility lies in intercompany cooperation. Here, the Caracal platform points the way forward, setting the standard and serving as a model for binational partnerships in the defence industry, in which companies take on challenges together, pushing ahead on the path to sustained innovation, and bringing new products to the global marketplace.

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