FibroTex T1 Thermal Mitigation Combat Uniform

FibroTex T1 Thermal Mitigation Combat Uniform

FibroTex T1 Thermal Mitigation Combat Uniform

At last week’s Modern Day Marine, FibroTex USA showed me their T1 Thermal Mitigation Combat Uniform. As the name implies, it provides thermal as well as visual camouflage. Essentially, they’ve taken their successful ULCANS technologies and implemented them into a BDU to address thermal signature and other bandwidths.

The uniforms can be custom printed for visual camouflage and are cut in a combat style complete with built-in knee pad pockets and bicep pockets. They can replicate any camouflage as well as offer custom options, including alpine/snow patterns. You’d think that something with these types of multi-spectral properties would be uncomfortable but one end-user said that they had a pajama-like feel during his post-evaluation debrief.

I’ve handled one of the uniforms but not worn it. The shirt I examined had a knit torso but they also offer one made completely from woven fabric if that’s what the user wants. The woven fabric is a four-way stretch so between this and the ergonomic cut, you’re not losing much in the way of mobility by going this route.

They also offer a helmet cover to conceal both helmet and face without the need to wear a face mask.

As far as thermal mitigation, FibroTex has conducted multiple tests to validate their performance.

For more information, contact FibroTex USA.

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