FightLite Releases Multi-Caliber HERRING Model 2024 Lever Action

FightLite Releases Multi-Caliber HERRING Model 2024 Lever Action

(Melbourne, Florida USA) May 13, 2024 – FightLite® Industries, a division of ARES Defense Systems® Inc. located in Melbourne, Florida formally releases its new multi-caliber, HERRING® Model 2024 – Modern Lever Action Rifles and Pistols!

First announced in October 2022, the patented HERRING® Model 2024 is a family of high performance, extremely accurate and modular lever-action firearms that provide for flexible caliber and magazine reconfiguration at the user-level, without tools to support virtually any shooting profile. HERRING® significantly advances the state-of-the-art for lever action rifles and pistols above legacy systems that have been the norm for over 150 years, and it is now officially in LRIP production with select customer deliveries that began last week.

Invented and designed by notable small arms designer and company CEO Geoffrey Herring and his team at FightLite® Industries, the Model 2024™ significantly raises the bar for lever action guns by incorporating the latest materials, heat treating options and finishes into a modern, robust, lightweight, and accurate firearm family.

Additionally, The HERRING® Model 2024 leverages the vast AR accessory industry to provide for different calibers, barrel lengths, optical sights, silencers and accessory mounting needs. And like an AR-15, the HERRING® Model 2024 utilizes off-the-shelf AR-15 bolts and barrel extensions, which gives it even greater flexibility and product support.

“In addition to producing all-weather sporting guns such as our SCR® family of semi-auto rifles, our team at FightLite®has spent the better part of 27 years designing and producing hard use, sustained-fire automatic weapons like our belt-fed MCR® which we have supplied to both our own government, as well as those of other nations.” says Geoffrey Herring, founder & CEO of ARES Defense & FightLite Industries. “So, when we made the decision to develop a truly modern lever-action system, our team was perfectly positioned and enthusiastic to leverage our cumulative experience designing and manufacturing hard use, military grade weapons that cannot not fail during difficult combat conditions. We are very well versed in technical details such as material selection, preventing, or overcoming failure points caused by water intrusion or dirt, sand, mud, salt water, ice, etc., and understand that designing guns to meet requirements of MIL-STD-810Hfor things like corrosion resistance or drop-testing is just something that we do every day regardless of the project. An example would be the 6:1 mechanical advantage that’s designed into the HERRING® Model 2024’s primary extraction mechanism; because when clean or muddy brass obturates against the chamber wall and breech system at 55,000 – 70,000 PSI, you’d better have figured out a reliable way to extract it.”

Mechanically, the HERRING® Model 2024 family uses a rotating bolt like an AR-pattern semiautomatic, and it also accepts all AR-15 (STANAG) pattern magazines, including 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 and 100 round AR magazines. Due to its modern, magazine-fed design the HERRING® Model 2024 doesn’t suffer from center-of-gravity shift as a tube-fed rifle does when loading or firing, nor is it limited to round-nosed projectiles. It is designed to accommodate high pressure, high velocity ammunition including 5.56 NATO and Hornady 6mm ARC, as well as great hunting loads like 350 Legend and .450 Bushmaster.

The patented HERRING® Model 2024 marries the proven accuracy, adaptability, and high performance of the AR platform with the established power and all-American rugged dependability of the lever-action repeating rifle.

FightLite® Industries is exhibiting its products at the 2024 NRAAM during May 17-19 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. Attendees are invited to visit the FightLite® booth #11331 where they can get hands on experience with their exciting new products such as our HERRING® Model 2024 Modern Lever Action Rifle and Bandito® pistols, as well as legacy systems including our Dual-Feed® MCR and our universal SCR® platforms.

To make inquiries regarding potential business collaboration, product development or product licensing opportunities with FightLite® Industries, please email [email protected]

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