FirstSpear Friday Focus: 1st Phorm OEM Spotlight

FirstSpear Friday Focus: 1st Phorm OEM Spotlight

This Friday we’re featuring a new OEM Spotlight with 1stPhorm. Based in Fenton, MO as well, FirstSpear has built their latest fitness/tactical plate carrier. The operator plate carrier is available in Woodland & Coyote!

Why did you choose to collaborate with FirstSpear?

1st Phorm has an uncompromising demand to produce the best quality product. There was no other choice than FirstSpear when we looked for partners to help design and build the carrier. FirstSpear supplies the best equipment to elite Tier 1 Units around the world and that’s the quality we were looking for.

Where did the need for the new 1st Phorm plate carrier come from?

Everything on the market was bulky, poor quality, limited the wearers mobility and very hot to train in. We had a need to make a high quality and comfortable vest that our customers could use as a tool to advance their training.

Explain the new vest and why you chose FirstSpear Tubes™ technology.

Whether you’re in the gym, knocking out an outdoor walk, or training on the tactical range … Introducing more weight resistance is your ticket to taking your health & fitness to the next level. Designed to combine comfort, functionality, and modularity to fit your needs, this cutting-edge training accessory will be the perfect tool to help you increase your workload to ultimately earn better results!

Run the Operator Plate Carrier slick (as shipped), or scale it up with your favorite MOLLE-compatible pouches and accessories.

(Weight plates not included)

Why choose the Operator Plate Carrier?

Made in the USA – Every plate carrier is cut, sewn, and assembled right here in St. Louis, Missouri by generational Master Seamstresses. You can be confident you’re getting the absolute best with the Operator Plate Carrier!

Built to Last – Crafted with lightweight, durable 500D Cordura® materials, our plate carrier is designed to withstand the test of time. You can count on the Operator Plate Carrier to be your trusted training partner for years to come.

Lifetime Warranty on Materials & Workmanship – If your training has taken a toll on your plate carrier, we’ll work with you to get it fixed.

Other Key Features:

FirstSpear Tubes® – Quickly & easily put on and take off your plate carrier with a pull of the handle after your training. You can also easily switch between fitness and tactical add-on placards depending on your training and plate carrier needs. FirstSpear Tubes are optimized for convenience & modularity, and the Operator Plate Carrier is no exception to this.

6/12™ Technology – This technology has been designed, adopted, and trusted by Tier 1 Special Operations units worldwide, to bring you a pocket attachment system that utilizes state of the art fabric technologies to deliver a lightweight & completely modular MOLLE pocket-compatible system to fit your needs.

Velcro Hook & Loop – Allows for easy customization with identifiers, or your favorite 1st Phorm patches.

Plate Compatibility – Made to securely hold medium-sized SAPI-cut fitness plates as well as similarly-sized weight plates, such as Rogue Weight Vest Plates, and Wolf Tactical Weight Vest Plates.

*10″x12″ SAPI-cut ceramic ballistic plates may be too thick.

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