GiantMouse GMF1-XL Wins Best Imported Fixed Blade

GiantMouse GMF1-XL Wins Best Imported Fixed Blade

GiantMouse GMF1-XL Wins Best Imported Fixed Blade

East Lansing, Michigan, June 12, 2024 – GiantMouse is proud to announce that the new GMF1-XL, which launched last Thursday, has been awarded the prestigious “Imported Fixed Blade of the Year” at the 2024 Atlanta Blade Show. This accolade marks yet another significant achievement for GiantMouse, following our GMF4 taking “Best Factory Fixed Blade” at Blade Show West last October, and the GMX taking “Overall Knife of the Year” last June in Atlanta.

Building on the legacy of our beloved GMF1, the GMF1-XL is the much-anticipated larger version that you have eagerly awaited. The GMF1-XL offers the same exceptional ergonomics and utility as its predecessor but steps things up with increased size and enhanced features, making it a formidable companion for all your everyday carry needs. This model maintains the sleek, compact nature of the original GMF1, but boasts a larger blade and handle, as well as handle scales in either brass or green canvas Micarta for improved functionality and grip. The lanyard hole at the back and a strategically placed front hole not only provide a better grip but also add to the knife’s artistic appeal that GiantMouse is known for. For those who prefer a skeletonized handle, the scales can be easily removed, allowing paracord to be wrapped through the holes for a custom, tactical look.

The entire GiantMouse team extends a heartfelt thanks to our supporters and Italian manufacturers for their unwavering commitment to excellence. “This award is a testament to the passion and craftsmanship that goes into every GiantMouse knife,” said GiantMouse CEO Jim Wirth. ”We are deeply honored to be recognized once again and remain committed to delivering top-quality products that our customers can rely on.”

The recognition of the GMF1-XL as the Imported Fixed Blade of the Year at the 2024 Blade Show is a proud moment for GiantMouse and an affirmation of our pursuit of innovation and quality. We are grateful for the continued support from our community and look forward to bringing more exceptional knives to your pockets.

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