Introducing the Battle Steel COMBATTLE Level IV Ballistic Shield: Unmatched Protection and Unrivaled Lightweight Design

Introducing the Battle Steel COMBATTLE Level IV Ballistic Shield: Unmatched Protection and Unrivaled Lightweight Design

Battle Steel, a leader in advanced tactical defense solutions, proudly unveils the COMBATTLE Level IV Ballistic Shield, the lightest Level IV shield option available on the market today. Engineered for superior protection and designed for practicality, the COMBATTLE shield sets a new standard in ballistic defense.

Exceptional Threat Protection

The Battle Steel COMBATTLE Ballistic Shield is meticulously crafted to offer unmatched multi-hit protection, ensuring user safety against some of the most formidable threats. The shield exceeds NIJ Level IV Multi-hit Protection standards, capable of withstanding:

– 7.62mm M80

– 5.56mm M855 Armor Piercing Green Tip

– 30.06 APM2 Armor Piercing

Innovative Specifications

The COMBATTLE Ballistic Shield combines cutting-edge materials and ergonomic design to provide optimal defense and usability with a TRUE edge to edge ceramic protection.

– Dimensions: 20″ x 30″

– Shape: Silhouette for maximum coverage

– Material Composition: Ceramic & Polyethylene

– Weight: Only 34 pounds, the lightest in its class

– Thickness: 0.875? for enhanced durability

– Color: Foliage Green 10-6018 TCX

User-Centric Design Features

The COMBATTLE shield is designed with the user in mind, featuring:

– Dual Shooting Platform: Facilitates accurate handgun and long-gun deployment

– Flat Configuration: Ensures ease of use and maneuverability

– High-Density Shock-Absorbing Forearm Foam Pad: Provides comfort during extended use

– Adjustable Forearm Strap: Customizable fit for all users

– Custom Ambidextrous Handle: Enhances grip and control

– Polyurea Coating: Offers additional protection and longevity

– Reinforced Ballistic Bolts: Ensure structural integrity

Revolutionizing Mobility

Traditionally, Level IV shields have been mounted on wheels due to their significant weight, making them cumbersome to maneuver. However, with the introduction of the Battle Steel MULE, operators can now carry the COMBATTLE shield for extended periods with minimal effort. The MULE’s innovative design distributes the shield’s weight evenly, enhancing mobility and reducing fatigue.

Unparalleled Durability

With a lifespan of ten years from the date of sale, the COMBATTLE shield is a long-term investment in safety. Battle Steel’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that the COMBATTLE Ballistic Shield will stand up to the toughest challenges.

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