Introducing the Combat Flip Flops X Tacticon Armament Limited Edition Floperator de la Muerte

Introducing the Combat Flip Flops X Tacticon Armament Limited Edition Floperator de la Muerte

Issaquah, WA, May 17, 2024] ? Everyone knows that flip flops are bad for running and worse for fighting, or are they??? Combat Flip Flops, the veteran-owned flip flop and accessories brand creating jobs, empowering veterans, and improving people’s lives around the globe, has announced its first limited edition collaboration with Tacticon Armament – the Floperator de la Muerte.

The Floperator de la Muerte (aka flip flop of death) celebrates Combat Flip Flops’ highly popular Floperatormodel with injection molded arch supports, proprietary rubber outsole, EVA mid-layers, and military grade tubular nylon webbing upper. Made in Bogota, Colombia at a family-owned facility, the Floperator de la Muerte comes with Tacticon Armament and Choncla de la Muerteinterchangeable morale patches.

“After years of reading the comments, ‘you can’t fight in flip flops,’ we sought out the world’s top flip flop warrior,Tacticon,” said Combat Flip Flops’ CEO, Matthew Griffin(who has run with the bulls in his flops). “Not only are they great people, but they also field tested the hell out of our footwear and validated two things: Combat Flip Flops arebuilt to handle anything, and people should spend more time training, less time commenting.”

“Combat Flip Flops and Tacticon share the same ideal of wanting to inspire each person we encounter to be a little bit better than they were yesterday,” said Nolan Meeks of Tacticon Armament. “Whether that’s a better husband, wife, friend, parent or human, or just better at a skill, we encourage everyone to try to leave the world a little bit better than they found it.”

Scientifically proven to make you stronger, faster, more agile, and more attractive, the Floperator de la Muerte is available at And with a lifetime warranty, you’ll be running these for years to come. Get yours today.

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