Lindnerhof Taktik Introduces a New Series of Multi-Pouches and Matching Panels – Sophisticated Design for Efficient Organisation

Lindnerhof Taktik Introduces a New Series of Multi-Pouches and Matching Panels – Sophisticated Design for Efficient Organisation


Lindnerhof-Taktik has introduced a new series of Multi-Pouches and two matching Panels today to provideperfect organizational solutions.

These products offer a number of improvements overprevious generations and also innovations with regard to the brand new items – all to meet industry standards. Some of the key features are a streamlined and efficientdesign, the use of slim and colour-matched webbing anda MX material backside for all PA Pouches (PA109/II, PA022, PA054/II,PA023, PA053/II).

This along with the use of standard laser-cut MOLLE slots and slim 20mm PALS straps not only ensuresfunctionality but also reduces the weight of the Pouchesby approximately 5-10% and allows easier mounting, especially on reinforced systems like the Curv ® Belts. The front of these Pouches also feature a standard MOLLE/PALS webbing (20mm) on the entire front for attaching additional equipment.

It is also important to highlight the improvements Lindnerhof-Taktik has made to the colour matrix to achieve a more attractive appearance by replacing the solid colour straps with matching camouflage straps in Multicam®, 3fb Flecktarn and 5fb Flecktarn.

The LT373 Multi-Pouch has a slightly different approach as it is more of an additional Pouch for carrying systems such as Plate Carriers and Micro Rigs – here it can be attached using hook and loop fastener but can also be removed easily thanks to the quick-release buckles. Thereverse all-round zipper allows full opening andtherefore enables the use as a Medic-Pouch.

Back to the similarities, there are shared features such as a quick-opening strap on the top that allows the Pouch to be opened with a single pull, reverse zippers and several additional loops on the outside for attaching more gear. The loop surface lined inside is another common feature that provides the basis for the versatile use of the other new products, the Panels MX374 and MX375. As a single or multi version, this is the perfect solution for carrying all kinds of small equipment that need to be perfectly organised and have a secure fit in the Pouches.

This new series of Multi-Pouches and Panels offers a variety of models in different sizes, shapes and layouts to choose from. The available models are as follows:

• Multi-Pouch LT373

• Multi-Pouch slim PA109/II

• Multi-Pouch vertical large PA022

• Multi-Pouch vertical PA054/II

• Multi-Pouch horizontal large PA023

• Multi-Pouch horizontal PA053/II

• Panel detachable single MX374

• Panel detachable multi MX375

Explore the latest products from Lindnerhof Taktik today and enjoy the enhanced features and modern design.

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