MATBOCK Monday – Graverobber Surgical

MATBOCK Monday – Graverobber Surgical

MATBOCK Monday – Graverobber Surgical

The Graverobber™ Surgical is designed to meet the rigorous demands of medical professionals in expeditionary and operational settings. Weighing less than 5 pounds yet boasting a 47-liter capacity, this lightweight ruck ensures mobility without sacrificing essential medical equipment. Its meticulously crafted design includes specialized pouches for ventilators, drugs, IVs, and multifunctional purposes, facilitating swift access to critical supplies during emergencies. Engineered with waterproof materials and resistant to saltwater and sun corrosion, the Graverobber™ Surgical guarantees durability and protection for valuable medical gear in any environment. Its versatile mounting options further enhance accessibility, making it an indispensable asset for medical professionals navigating challenging terrains or dynamic operational setups worldwide.

As the ultimate companion for medical professionals who demand uncompromising performance, the Graverobber™ Surgical exemplifies innovation and resilience. Whether deployed in remote expeditionary missions or operating within dynamic operational environments, this exceptional ruck empowers professionals to deliver critical care with confidence and precision. Trust in the Graverobber™ Surgical to safeguard lives and uphold the highest standards of medical excellence, offering unparalleled reliability and functionality for those who refuse to compromise on quality.

– 1 x Ventilator Pouch
– 1 x Drug Roll
– 2 x IV Pouches
– 4 x Multifunction Pouches

If you’re in San Diego this week we will be at ADS Warrior West at booth N-14.

Reach out to MATBOCK today to schedule a demo [email protected]. Checkout Graverobber™ Surgical here:

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