OTB Boots Fuels Best Ranger Competition Winners

OTB Boots Fuels Best Ranger Competition Winners

OTB Boots Fuels Best Ranger Competition Winners

FORT MOORE, GA – April 15, 2024 – OTB Boots proudly announces that four out of five of the top finishers at the prestigious Best Ranger Competition at Ft. Moore held April 12-14 were wearing its high-performance tactical boots. OTB Boots would like to extend a special congratulations to 1LT Andrew Winski and SGT Matthew Dunphy, representing the 75th Ranger Regiment, for placing first in this year’s Best Ranger Competition. OTB Boots serves elite warrior athletes by addressing their unique needs with best-in-class boots that deliver tactical requirements, comfort and athletic performance features not found in most tactical footwear on the market today.

OTB Boots were worn by roughly one out of three of this year’s competitors at the Best Ranger Competition, with its flagship M-Carbon 8 tactical boot emerging as the favorite among the elite athletes. OTB’s M-Carbon 8 is the only Carbon-plated AR-670-1 / AFI 36-2903 compliant tactical boot available today. Its marathon-inspired carbon plate provides elevated performance through enhanced spring, support and forward propulsion –– factors critical for elite military performance. OTB Boots has been working with multiple Special Operations Forces teams for several years, across all branches, to develop its current lineup of boots.

“Our strategy is to talk to our core consumer –– elite military athletes –– and listen to them intently about their tactical footwear needs. Then it’s up to us to execute at the highest level,” says Dan Ellis, President and Chief Product Officer of OTB Boots.

OTB Boots is a proud partner of the Best Ranger Competition and was extremely honored that so many of this year’s competitors wore its boots through this grueling 3-day competition that pushes each of them to the limit.

All of OTB’s Boots will be available for purchase in November 2024 at select premium military and tactical retailers, as well as on its website OTBBOOTS.COM. In addition to the M-Carbon 8, OTB Boots will also offer two other boot styles, the M-Flex 8 and the Abyss. All three boots are currently viewable on the OTB website and product waitlists are now open for sign-up.

For more information on OTB Boots, visit OTBBOOTS.COM.

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