Pro-Shot Defense Issued NSNs for Ruck Series Weapon Cleaning Kits

Pro-Shot Defense Issued NSNs for Ruck Series Weapon Cleaning Kits

[Taylorville, IL, 05/16/2024] – Pro-Shot Defense (Cage Code 5QGZ6), a leading provider of superior American-made Berry-compliant weapon cleaning systems, proudly announces the issuance of multiple National Stock Numbers (NSNs) for its acclaimed Ruck Series compact and lightweight weapon cleaning systems. These NSN assignments mark a significant milestone in Pro-Shot Defense’s ongoing commitment to delivering top-tier weapon maintenance solutions to military personnel worldwide.

The Pro-Shot Ruck Series Weapon Cleaning Kits are crafted to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of military firearm maintenance. Featuring all the necessary tools for comprehensive field or bench cleaning, these kits showcase Pro-Shot Defense’s hallmark Pro-Tuff coated cleaning rods, Multi-Purpose Swivel T Handle, and Bio Mil-Spec CLP (MIL-PRF-63460G), ensuring superior performance and reliability in any environment.

Renowned for their exceptional reliability, portability, and performance in the field, the Ruck Series Weapon Cleaning Kits have garnered acclaim from soldiers and armory professionals alike. With NSNs now assigned for various weapons, Pro-Shot Defense is poised to further enhance its support for military personnel by simplifying procurement processes and seamlessly integrating into military supply chains.

“The Pro-Shot Defense team is thrilled to unveil the NSNs for the Pro-Shot Ruck Series cleaning rod weapon cleaning systems,” commented Grady Burrell, Military Director at Pro-Shot Defense. “These solutions for various weapons were born out of extensive engagement with soldiers and armories, fulfilling their needs for a superior cleaning kit in all field situations and environments. The Ruck Series kits embody our unwavering commitment to delivering reliable, high-performance solutions directly from end-users.”

NSN & Nomenclature

NSN: 1005-01-717-5478  
Mfg# RUCK-COY-9   
Ruck Series Coyote 9mm M17/M18 Pistol Cleaning Rod System

NSN: 1005-01-718-0691     
Mfg# RUCK-COY-5.56   
Ruck Series Coyote M4 5.56mm Cleaning Rod System

NSN: 1005-01-718-0708  
Mfg# RUCK-COY-5.56/9MM   
Ruck Series Coyote 5.56mm/9mm M4/M17 Cleaning Rod System

NSN: 1005-01-718-0907      
Mfg# RUCK-MC-30 
Ruck Series Multi-Cam .30 Cal./7.62mm Cleaning Rod System 

NSN: 1005-01-718-0727   
Mfg# RUCK-COY-50 
Ruck Series Coyote .50 Cal./12.7mm  M107 / M2A1 Cleaning Rod System

For more information about Pro-Shot Defense and its Ruck Series Weapon Cleaning Kits with NSN-compatible cleaning kit options, please visit or contact Grady Burrell, Pro-Shot Defense Military Director.

Contact: Grady Burrell, Pro-Shot Defense Military Director

Email: [email protected] Ph: 828.421.4349 Website:

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