Qore Performance and Guardian Warrior Solutions Announce ICEVENTS/Bang Hanger Collaboration

Qore Performance and Guardian Warrior Solutions Announce ICEVENTS/Bang Hanger Collaboration


Knoxville, TN – Qore Performance®, the innovator in PPE thermoregulation tools, is proud to announce another in a string of strategic distribution partnerships for their red-hot ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad with Guardian Warrior Solutions. Known for their innovative Bang Hanger Holster Adapter made from Curv® composite, Guardian Warrior Solutions is now authorized by Qore Performance to combine both products to deliver unmatched comfort and performance for tactical professionals.

ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pads leverage ICEVENTS®: a proprietary Qore Performance ventilated padding technology to provide superior convective air flow and comfort when wearing the Bang Hanger. This innovative pad eliminates any potential hotspot experienced when wearing the Bang Hanger while dramatically enhancing ventilation, ensuring that operators can perform at their best in the most demanding environments. When pairing ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pads with Bang Hangers, users experience an unparalleled combination of durability, stability, and comfort.

“Every holster adapter should come with a Qore Performance ICEVENTS® Holster pad, ensuring everyone can experience the comfort and performance benefits they offer;” said Doug Burr who Head of Strategic Partnerships for Qore Performance, “as we continue to expand the reach of our ICEPLATE® and ICEVENTS® thermoregulation technologies, we advance our mission of Building A Superhuman Future for American Security and American Prosperity.”

“The ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad is the perfect addition to enhance the comfort level of the Guardian Warrior Solutions Bang Hanger. The ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad provides ventilation and decreases friction against fabric, optimizing ease of movement,” remarked Preston Atwood, Founder of Guardian Warrior Solutions, “This combination is an ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts looking to enhance the comfort of their gear.”

ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pads are now available for purchase on both the Qore Performance and the Guardian Warrior Solutions websites. For more information, visit www.QorePerformance.com or www.guardianwarriorsolutions.com.

For Partnership Inquiries:

Doug Burr
Head of Strategic Partnerships
Qore Performance, Inc.
416 Troy Circle
Knoxville, TN 37919-6106
P: 865.978.7111

Preston Atwood
Guardian Warrior Solutions
[email protected]
P: 307-278-1185

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