Qore Performance and True North Concepts Announce ICEVENTS/MHA Collaboration

Qore Performance and True North Concepts Announce ICEVENTS/MHA Collaboration

22 May 2024

Knoxville, TN – Qore Performance®, the leading innovator in PPE thermoregulation tools, is proud to announce a strategic distribution partnership with True North Concepts, renowned for their high-quality firearms accessories. This collaboration introduces the ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad, designed to seamlessly integrate with True North Concepts’ Modular Holster Adapter (MHA), delivering unmatched comfort and performance for tactical professionals.

Revolutionizing Comfort and Performance

The ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad leverages Qore Performance’s proprietary ICEVENTS® ventilated padding technology to provide superior ventilation and comfort when wearing the MHA. This innovative pad eliminates the hotspot experienced when wearing the MHA while dramatically enhancing ventilation, ensuring that operators can perform at their best in the most demanding environments. When paired with True North Concepts’ Modular Holster Adapter, users experience an unparalleled combination of durability, stability, and comfort.

A Match Made for Professional Excellence

The partnership between Qore Performance and True North Concepts represents a commitment to excellence and innovation for professional end-users. The ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad enhances the comfort and functionality of the Modular Holster Adapter, offering a solution that addresses common issues faced by tactical professionals, such as discomfort from prolonged wear and heat accumulation.

“At Qore Performance, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in PPE using thermoregulation,” said Sam Jones, Director of Sales and Business Development at Qore Performance. “Our collaboration with True North Concepts allows us to bring our cutting-edge ICEVENTS® technology to a broader audience, enhancing the comfort and performance of professional end-users everywhere.”


The ICEVENTS® Classic Holster Pad, compatible with True North Concepts Modular Holster Adapter, is now available for purchase exclusively on both the Qore Performance and the True North Concepts websites. For more information, visit www.QorePerformance.com or www.TrueNorth-USA.com.

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