Rampart Range Day 24 – ARA

Rampart Range Day 24 – ARA

Rampart Range Day 24 – ARA

ARA had the most extraordinary piece of equipment I’ve seen in some time. The Man Portable Adhesive Disruption System is designed to make items inoperable by applying glue to the working parts.

Now, I’m not really a fan of the name. When I first saw it I thought it was a solvent that would make things fall apart and MPADS is close enough to MANPADS that it might confuse some, but I’d say they are definitely on to something.

The system consists of a pack which holds the spayed and 9 canisters for the adhesive, along with some accessories. All told, the load is 33 lbs with 9.0 liters of adhesive per kit which will up to 2 square meters per liter and you can apply about 2 liters per minute.

Whether you’re up to sabotage or making equipment quickly inoperable when you don’t have time to destroy it via other means, this is a great idea. You can disable vehicle controls, weapons, lab equipment, factory components, etc. Its use is really limited by your imagination.

The ARA rep said it might be useful for field expedient repairs of equipment as well. It is a very strong adhesive after all.

This and other products shown at Rampart Range Day are available for unit and agency orders in Canada and the US through Rampart.

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