Smart Magnetics Innovation by Exxelia: Enhancing Next-Generation Resonant and Bidirectional Power Converters

Smart Magnetics Innovation by Exxelia: Enhancing Next-Generation Resonant and Bidirectional Power Converters

Exxelia, global manufacturer of complex passive components and subsystems introduces groundbreaking innovations in smart magnetics technology, specifically tailored for resonant bidirectional power converters. These advancements are set to redefine efficiency and performance standards across a spectrum of applications.

The advent of electrification, especially in electric or hybrid mobility including EVTOLs, buses, heavy vehicles, military/defense applications, off-road vehicles, and space thrusters, as well as electric energy storage systems & Smart Grid networks, implies the management and storage of large quantities of electrical energy. This necessitates the use of specific architectures such as DAB, LLC, and interleaved converters. These structures enable very high efficiencies.


Combines an inductor and a transformer into a single ultra-compact/miniaturized, lightweight component, regardless of the inductance value, for a seamless integration.

• High Power Applications (up to 300kW)

• High Frequency (10-500kHz): fits next-generation semiconductors (SiC, GaN) : Enables compact, lightweight designs.

• High Efficiency: minimizing losses, achieving efficiencies above 99% even at high frequencies.

• Lower Total cost of ownership: Ensuring straightforward integration and optimized system costs.

• EMI Reduction: Enhances electromagnetic compatibility for reliable operation.


3 Phase 24 kVA Integrated Component (Transformer + Inductors) 360/27 V @ 100kHz

– Incorporates Series Inductors (18?H)

– Withstands Net Bias Current 10% of Load Current

– Size 1085cc, Mass 3.86kg

Dual Active Bridge Transformer 2kW / 10:1 / 300 kHz and Chokes 10?H

– Incorporates Series Inductors 10?H ? Size 40x40x40 mm, Mass 250g

Meet the Challenges in Converter Development:

• Miniaturization: Designing smaller systems without compromising performance.

• Thermal Management: Efficiently managing heat to enhance durability and efficiency.

• Cost-Effectiveness: Balancing efficiency enhancements with cost-effective solutions.

Exxelia’s commitment to the development of these new technologies shows its willingness to anticipate the needs of advances power electronics.

For more information on Exxelia’s smart magnetics innovations, visit Exxelia’s website.

This project was financed by the government as part of the Recovery plan.

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