SOF Select Happy Hour to Support Veteran and Industry Professional Battling for His Life

SOF Select Happy Hour to Support Veteran and Industry Professional Battling for His Life

Please join us at SOF Select happy hour on Wednesday, May 8 at 3:30 in the Oasis Ballroom at the Westin Tampa Waterside to support our friend and colleague, Erlend Gray. SOF Select is a two-minute walk from the Convention Center, over the bridge and next to Jackson’s.

Erlend is a Norwegian MJK veteran, defense industry professional and eternal optimist. In February 2024, his doctors gave him 12 months to live as the available treatments in Norway were no longer stopping the spread of his malignant melanoma.

With a lifetime of experience in overcoming challenges in ominous situations, Erlend did what comes naturally – he kept going. His Norwegian medical team told him a new treatment was recently approved by the FDA in the United States and is his last hope for overcoming cancer. Erlend and a close team of family and former teammates are working to get him access to this lifesaving treatment in the U.S.

The treatment, Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocyte (TIL) therapy, is a new cellular immunotherapy that is only offered at a few U.S. hospitals. Like many new medical treatments, the groundbreaking treatment is cost-prohibitive. Out of pocket expenses are estimated to exceed $500,000 for Erlend and his family. And time is of the essence.

Erlend’s kindness, generosity and professionalism have touched many throughout the defense industry.  Since retirement he has representedArc’Teryx, Knight’s Armament and Team Wendy among other top tier brands.

Erlend is the definition of “solid through-and-through.” He has always been known for sacrificing his own time and energy to support those around him in difficult situations, without expecting anything in return. He has helped many out of tough situations, and now we all have a chance to contribute so that he can receive the lifesaving treatment before it’s too late.

Please consider making a donation here:

100% of all contributions to this Go Fund Me will go to Erlend via the HunterSeven Foundation.

All contributions will be greatly appreciated, and donations can be made anonymously if desired.

Your support will have an immediate impact on Erlend and his young family.


Team Erlend

Bjørg, Viljar, Alma, Erlend, family, and friends!

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