Space Force to Accept Air Force Reserve Volunteers for Full-Time Positions

Space Force to Accept Air Force Reserve Volunteers for Full-Time Positions


Air Force Reservists in space-related career fields interested in volunteering for the U.S. Space Force in a fulltime capacity can expect the application window to open June 1–Nov. 30, 2024.

This transfer option is part of the Space Force Personnel Management Act (PMA), approved by Congress and signed into law as part of the Fiscal Year 2024 National Defense Authorization Act.

When fully implemented, the PMA will enable the Space Force to create a new model of service that integrates active-component Guardians and Air Force Reservists serving in space-focused career fields into a unified service that offers both full- and part-time service options.

“This is an important first step toward fully integrating critical space expertise from the Reserve into our force,” said Chief of Space Operations Gen. Chance Saltzman. “We’ve been serving side-by-side together, supporting the same mission, for longer than the Space Force has existed. I’m excited to officially call the teammates who decide to transfer Guardians.”

Air Force Reservists who hold the below Air Force Specialty Codes are eligible to apply for transfer into the Space Force in full-time capacity:

Officers: 13S – Space Operations, 17X – Cyberspace Operations, 14N – Intelligence, 62E – Developmental Engineer, 63A – Acquisition Manager, and 61X – Scientist. Officers selected from the 6X career field will re-core to a 62E or 63A since Space Force does not maintain that career specialty.

Enlisted: 1C6 – Space Systems Operations, 1N0 – Intelligence, 1N1 – Imagery Analysis, 1N2 – Sigint, 1N3 – Cryptologic Language Analyst, 1N4 – Network Intelligence Analysis, 1N8 – Targeting Analyst, 1D7X1 – Cyber Defense Operations, 1D7X2 – Spectrum Operations Technician, and 1D7X3 – Cable and Antennae Defense Operations.

“The Space Force is about to integrate some of the most talented space operators,” said Chief of the Air force Reserve and Air force Reserve Command Commander Lt. Gen. John Healy. “I have no doubt they will be key to advancing security in the space domain.”

In time, the Air Force Reserve, like the Air Force, will no longer maintain space operations as career fields, meaning Reservists with 13S and 1C6 specialties must transfer to the Space Force in either a full- or part-time position, or re-train under a different Air Force Specialty Code.

Application windows for Air Force Reservists interested in transferring to the Space Force in a part-time capacity are expected to open in 2026 once policies, processes and systems are established. The PMA does not currently apply to space units and personnel currently resident in the Air National Guard; however, Guard members could expect a similar process to their Reserve counterparts after authorized and appropriate legal and policy changes.
Interested Air Force Reservists can apply via MyVector and can access additional application details and requirements on the Space Force Transfer page.

Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

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