Swampfox Raider Review — Affordable 1x Micro Prism

Swampfox Raider Review — Affordable 1x Micro Prism

In this Swampfox Raider review, Dan Abraham takes a look at the 1x micro prism optic and its usefulness on a rimfire rifle like the Springfield Armory Model 2020 Rimfire. Both the gun and optic were loaned to the author for this review.

I own several Swampfox reflex pistol optics, and they are quality products with crystal clear glass. The red dots are clean and crisp, and the settings are simple to adjust. Equally important, their reflex pistol optics are very fairly priced. Since I was so impressed with their handgun optics, I thought it would be worth digging deep and exploring their rifle optics line.

I am also a big fan of the Springfield Armory 2020 Rimfire. There is just something about bolt-action accuracy in .22 LR that is so fun at the range. It’s also a great training rifle for new shooters. As I explored the advantages of owning the Springfield 2020 Rimfire, I realized it was time to upgrade the optic. So, why not use this opportunity to try out some Swampfox rifle optics on this great little rifle?

Here we see the author shooting a bolt action rifle chambered for the .22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridge. It offers excellent eye relief and versatility leading to faster target acquisition than with 3x 4x or 5x magnified scopes. This Swampfox offers a wide field of view making it good for all kinds of guns including a shotgun.

Swampfox Optics recently released their newest rifle optic called the Raider. After looking into the build quality of the Raider along with its features, I figured this was the optic I was looking for to enhance my performance with the 2020 Rimfire. If the Raider was anything like the company’s pistol optics, I knew it might be a great option. To top it off, the Raider is priced well below market value considering other rifle optics in the same class.

Raider Micro Prism

The Swampfox Raider is a 1×20 micro prism optic. It is available with two separate reticles. The shooter can choose a simple 6 MOA red or green dot, or a bullet rise compensator (BRC) reticle in either color. (Ed. note: Read the article red dot vs. green dot for help in picking the one you want.) The bullet rise compensator would be the correct choice for shooters who stretch out at long distances.

We see the Raider 1x micro prism sight mounted to the Picatinny rail of the Springfield Armory Model 2020 Rimfire rifle. It uses a riser to bring the 1x prism to eye level. It can also be used on other guns like the AR platform rifles while offering potentially better value than expensive sights like those from Aimpoint or the Trijicon ACOG.

The markings of the BRC allow the shooter to adjust their hold depending on the distance of their shot. Being that my plan was to mount the Raider on the Springfield 2020 Rimfire, I decided to go with the Raider with a 6 MOA dot option in red. 

What is an Etched Reticle?

The Swampfox Raider has an etched reticle. The advantage of an etched reticle is that if you were to lose power, it would appear black and be visible. Being a guy who has entered the range with a dead battery on several occasions, I appreciate what Swampfox did with the etched reticle on the Raider.

The Swampfox Raider uses an etched reticle with holdover points for a variety of close distances with a 50 or 200 yard zero.

When illuminated, the red dot is very clear and precise. There are 10 brightness settings, and the lowest two settings are night vision compatible. The brightness intensity settings are located on top of the optic, making it simple to adjust. Just by clicking the desired intensity button, the shooter can change the red dot brightness according to the environment. 

Swampfox Features

Swampfox uses a die-cast zinc alloy material for the chassis of the Raider. While the Raider has some weight to it at 7.69 oz., that weight and strength is most appreciated as it seems to lend it a great deal of durability.

Here we see the Swampfox Raider with its honeycomb anti-reflection grid installed. This helps to prevent glare and reflection in daytime and low light conditions.

The case includes two separate mounts. The mounts, which employ what they call their “T2 Footprint,” will work with any Picatinny rail. There is an optional 1.1” low mount, and a 1.6” mount comes installed on the optic.

The 1.6” cantilevered mount is perfect for rifle sight alignment. By resting the cheek on the stock, the shooter will have a clear eye alignment to the reticle. Swampfox also sells a larger 1.93” mount separately.

The Raider is powered by a single CR2032 battery. It also has a much-appreciated “Shake N’ Wake” function. The powered red dot will shut off after four minutes of stillness and will awake to full function with the slightest movement. The shake awake function will preserve the battery life and eliminate the frustrating dead battery at the range.

The elevation and windage turrets adjust with 1 MOA clicks, which are both audible and felt. I was able to sight in the 2020 Rimfire fairly quickly. After approximately 10 -12 shots, I had the 2020 Rimfire ready for business.

Just in (the) Case

The Swampfox Raider’s case includes everything needed to install the optic on a rifle.

In this digital photograph we see the Swampfox Raider with all of its accessories. Not shown is the limited lifetime warranty. The LED emitter is covered for 10 years while a lifetime warranty covers the rest of the optic. The reticle ensures reliability throughout a range of engagements. 

I mentioned the two mounts, but it also includes a mounting hex wrench, a CR2032 battery (installed), rubber lens covers and a honeycomb anti-reflection lens cover for the front 20mm lens that threads on and reduces sun glare. A support card, directions and a lens cleaning cloth are also included in the case. 

Final Thoughts on the Swampfox Raider

The Springfield Armory 2020 Rimfire and the Swampfox Raider performed flawlessly. Both the rifle and optic combination operated like a perfectly harmonized choir. I stepped back to 70 yards and, with offhand shooting, tagged the steel targets consistently.

I feel the Swampfox Raider is a fine rifle optic and, with an MSRP of just $279, it’s a steal.

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