The CLAW, From the B.E. Meyers & Co. Engineering Archives

The CLAW, From the B.E. Meyers & Co. Engineering Archives

The CLAW, From the B.E. Meyers & Co. Engineering Archives


The CLAW” Is a compact laser alming device for weapons use that was developed for a select customer application several years ago, but one that unfortunately did not materialize into a completed requirement.

The CLAW” was the result of an extensive development effort, but was then carefully stored deep within the B.E. Meyers & Co. engineering archives. It was recently rediscovered in a wooden crate which housed an ark-type storage container, which was then carefully opened by “top men” as part of our standard ISO 9001:2015 engineering processes and rituals. We have made the decision to revisit these prototypes in order to further explore the CLAW’s capabilities and gather feedback from end user communities in furtherance of future product development concepts.


The CLAW laser illuminator and aiming device is a Class 1 laser system designed to be attached to a pistol or SMG to aid in aiming the host weapon and provide useful illumination for observation and target discrimination while utilizing night vision devices.

The CLAW is capable of emitting an 860 nm invisible infrared (IR) illumination beam and an 845 nm IR aiming beam. The aiming beam is adjustable for windage and elevation while the illuminator is fixed perpendicular to the housing.

The device is designed to be simple and efficient to manipulate. The rotating activation Switch has three (3) positions: OFF, IR Pointer Only, and IR Pointer + IR Illuminator. Rotating the switch between these settings turns the device on and provides the selected output. The output is always constant-on with no timeout. The device must be switched to the “OFF” position to cease emitting.


The CLAW infrared laser device has two modes: IR Pointer Only and IR Pointer + IR Illuminator. Modes are selected and simultaneously activated by rotating the Activation Switch.

Proposed design concept MSRP $14.

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