TNVC Announces Discontinuation of Stocking Filmed Green Phosphor Binocular Night Vision Systems

TNVC Announces Discontinuation of Stocking Filmed Green Phosphor Binocular Night Vision Systems

Redlands, California

Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC, INC.) announced today that they will discontinue the normal stocking of Filmed Green Phosphor Binocular Night Vision systems and divest their current inventory and fully transition to both Filmed and Unfilmed White Phosphor systems for dual tube night vision devices. Filmed Green Phosphor will still be offered as an option for the TN/PVS-14 Monocular Night Vision Device for entry-level systems. Both Filmed and Unfilmed Green Phosphor binocular systems will still be available for special order upon request, however, they may experience extended lead times.

“Over the past decade or so since the mainstream operational introduction of White Phosphor image intensifiers, we’ve found that end users, whether organizational or private increasingly and almost universally prefer white phosphor goggles to green phosphor,” states TNVC COO, Augee Kim, adding: “While the ‘green screen’ NVG will always be classic and iconic, removing Filmed Green image intensifiers from our binocular NVG product line will allow us to streamline our supply lines and increase efficiencies, particularly as we begin to integrate exciting new technologies and embark on new partnerships as well as developing existing ones to further improve our product line and continue to offer the highest quality, most advanced products to all of our customers, both government and especially private consumers.”

The discontinuation and divestiture of new, stocking Green Phosphor binocular systems will have no affect on existing units and warranties, which will continue to be supported in accordance with TNVC’s Lifetime Limited Warranty program, and users with specific requirements will still be able to obtain filmed green systems via special order if desired.

In support of this divestiture, TNVC will be liquidating all remaining stocks of filmed green image intensifiers and complete night vision systems. These systems will be offered as complete units (no build-to-order) with full warranty support and consistent with TNVC’s high standards of quality for all of their TNV-units, but at a significant discount via TNVC’s website:

“We figured that while we were making this transition, we may as well give customers the opportunity to get into an extremely high-quality night vision device, using true, Gen. 3, U.S. MIL-SPEC ground tubes at some of the best prices out there, comparable to what folks are paying for Gen. 2 and blemished devices,” notes Victor DiCosola, TNVC Founder and CEO, adding with a chuckle and wink: “So I decided while my staff is figuring out our new product lines and partnerships, I would set up a ‘pop-up,’ Crazy Vic’s Discount Night Vision Emporium.”

More details on the green phosphor liquidation and Crazy Vic’s pop-up can be found on TNVC’s Instagram page:

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