UF PRO Hosts First International Striker Challenge

UF PRO Hosts First International Striker Challenge

UF PRO Hosts First International Striker Challenge


Over 100 contestants from across Europe gathered at UF PRO’s headquarters in Komenda, Slovenia, for theinaugural international Striker Challenge. This event featured fourteen rigorous challenges spread across an eight-kilometre course.

The first edition of the Striker Challenge was held last year, initially limited to local participants. Based on the positive feedback, UF PRO expanded the event, addingmore challenging tasks and opening it to international competitors.

Participants from across Europe faced a demanding eight-kilometre course with fourteen challenges divided into five categories. These included obstacles like walls and tunnels, providing medic treatment, observation and object spotting, heavy object throwing, military jumps, crawling and ammo carrying, and precision shooting. To add to the difficulty, each participant carried a ten-kilogram backpack throughout the course.

The event was open to everyone, from tactical operatorsand military or law enforcement personnel to passionate individuals with good physical fitness and tactical skills. Even man’s best friends were welcome. Participants could compete individually or in groups of three.

Building on the success of this year’s event, UF PRO is already planning next year’s Striker Challenge to be even bigger and better. Participants can look forward to more innovative challenges and enhanced experiences.

For more information visit ufpro.com.

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