Vivobarefoot – Jungle ESC

Vivobarefoot – Jungle ESC

The new Jungle model is the latest in Vivobarefoot’s Eco Survival Collection.

Designed to surmount the challenges posed by the jungle, namely inescapable heat, 100% humidity and unpredictable hazards, the boot is the result of nine years of R&D with a testing team including the likes of Stuart and Ben McNutt.

They have dealt with these challenges by building a boot that drains everywhere, not just through a couple of drains. Additionally, water can flow in and out, but debris and sediment stay where they belong, outside the boot.

McNutt went on to say this about the environment, “the jungle is so hostile, if you’ve only ever worn this boot there, you won’t appreciate how much better it is than anything else on the market.”

Dave Strachan, Military Officer and Expedition Medic, said “These are, without a doubt, the best pair of jungle boots I have used; functional when walking, adept at shedding moisture and critically comfortable and blister free, even with the demands of arduous days carrying heavy loads. They were light – around half the weight of a pair of US ‘issue’ boots… the whole boot sheds water and breathes, allowing rapid drying after immersion. The rubber ‘scales’ which give the boot its distinctive ‘look’ give some abrasion resistance, and help to shed the mud from the fabric as the boot moves.”

Like all footwear in Vivobarefoot’s ESC, the Jungle Boot uses the core barefoot design principles: wide, thin, and flexible for strength, flexibilit, and natural stability. There are, however, some unusual and highly functional design features in there too. For instance, the mesh lining is the right level of fluorescence so that insects can be detected but won’t be attracted.

Along with the launch of the boot, is another innovation, an in-depth online educational course from Vivobarefoot, led by wilderness experts Ben McNutt and Debs Nickolls, who bring decades of experience to the table. This course equips learners with proven knowledge on how to safely explore the tropics, ensuring harmony with the jungle environment.

Filmed in the vibrant and teeming tropical rainforests of Borneo, the course is structured into the following modules:

– Understanding the Jungle: Offers insights into the geography, weather patterns, and the unique ecosystem of the jungle biome.

– Planning and Preparation: Covers essential planning for the jungle environment, including what to pack, acclimatization strategies, and common illnesses.

– Campcrafting and Trail Skills: Teaches crucial camping skills for the jungle, such as navigation, search and rescue operations, knot tying, tropical tracking, fire building, and water collection.

– Wilderness Travel Safety and Emergency Techniques: Includes lessons on swimming, river crossings, 4×4 skills, emergency camp setup, and procedures for dealing with various wildlife hazards.

According to Vivobarefoot, this is the third launch in the collection, behind the Forest ESC and Hydra ESC, and ahead of the Desert and Tundra, which will launch later this year.

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