Gear Up: What Range Bag Essentials Should I Pack?

Gear Up: What Range Bag Essentials Should I Pack?

Seasoned and inexperienced shooters agree; a rifle case and range bag are the perfect companions as you head to your local shooting range. Of course, you need the right range bag essentials to make the most of your experience.

While we know everyone is different, here are our must haves for our gun range bag essentials.

Firearms and Compatible Ammunition

Have you ever gotten to the range and realized you’ve forgotten your ammo? Neither have we…This is the reason why you’re going to a gun range. Your firearms should be on top of your range bag checklist, so pack whichever rifles, shotguns, or handguns you need. Also, don’t forget to pack enough ammunition for your activities. There’s nothing worse than preparing for a full day of activities and realizing you either forgot your ammo or brought the wrong caliber ammunition for your gun. 

First Aid Kit/Medical Supplies

Safety should always be a priority when in a shooting range because it could be dangerous. You never know when an accident might occur. Keeping a fully stocked first aid kit will come in handy for any accidents or injuries that may occur. It’s much better to stay prepared with medical supplies and a trauma kit for your range trip. 

Ear and Eye Protection

No one should ever compromise on safety at a gun range which is why this is a range bag essential. You have many options with ear plugs, electronic plastic plugs, and earmuffs for adequate ear protection. Eye goggles or safety glasses will likely suffice when you are firing down range. 

Cleaning Kit

A basic cleaning kit is a range bag essential when you’re on a shooting range. Regular cleaning removes buildup and residue that can affect the performance of your firearms. A basic cleaning kit should include a cleaning solvent, cotton swabs, a bore brush, and some cleaning rods. 


Wherever you go, a multitool is generally handy to have within reach. For the avid shooter, a multitool is a range bag essential because of its versatility and compact size. You might find that your gun needs field stripping when you’re shooting.

Multitools are perfect for this; some multitools even have specific components. They can also help with minor adjustments to scopes and optics.

Tools for Maintenance

A multitool is excellent for quick fixes and field maintenance for range gear. However, sometimes you need robust tools to get the job done. A wrench set can come to the rescue when securing attachments for your guns. A screwdriver set makes it much easier to attach and fix your gun accessories, mounts, and optics.


Different guns may require different accessories, so pick the relevant ones for your activities. Carrying a rifle can be cumbersome, but using a rifle sling lets you carry your firearm comfortably and securely. Slings also stabilize your shooting position, giving you more accuracy and control.

A shooting mat can make all the difference in your shooting experience. This is especially true if you want to practice your long distance shooting while lying down or in other ground-level positions. Not only will it keep you comfortable, but it provides a grit free place to rest your firearms when not in use.

Shooting rests, or bipods, are range bag essentials for any rifle enthusiast. This range bag essentially offers exceptional stability and support. This will improve your accuracy and precision in your shots. You might want a spotting scope because it enables you to accurately monitor your shots’ trajectory and quickly pinpoint your targets.

Spare Magazines

You don’t go to a gun range to spend most of your time reloading magazines instead of hitting your targets. Having this range bag essential with you can be a real timesaver so you can focus on your activities. 


Keeping a flashlight in your range bag can be beneficial in emergencies. If you need additional light to fix something, a handheld light will make it much easier for you. This range bag essential is excellent for cleaning so you can see chambers and magazine wells clearly.

Get Tactical with Your Range Bag

Before you pack your shooting range essentials in your range bag, choose the best range bag for your set up. You need something durable, easily organizable, and comfortable. This is where our Winchester range bag comes into play.

This range bag is essential for staying organized and ready for action while you’re on a gun range. The Winchester range bag has ample space for all your range bag essentials, be it clothing, equipment, or ammunition.

With its MOLLE webbing and adjustable shoulder strap, this tactical duffel bag is a must-have for anyone on the go. The webbing allows for the attachment of extra gear and patches, while the adjustable strap provides comfort and convenience during transport. The two side pockets are perfect for storing additional magazines, pistols, and range equipment, so you’re always prepared for any situation. This makes our range bag, a gun range essential.

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