How to Choose the Best Tactical Backpack For You

How to Choose the Best Tactical Backpack For You

Tactical backpacks are essential to any outdoor or military enthusiast’s gear, but with so many different styles and features, it can be difficult to decide which backpack is best for you.

In this guide, we’ll look at the key considerations when selecting a tactical backpack – from size, to design features and materials. Armed with this information, you’ll have everything you need to choose the best tactical backpack for your needs.

What is a Tactical Backpack?

Tactical backpacks are a type of backpack designed to provide military-inspired utility. They typically have features like MOLLE webbing, hydration pack compatibility, and ammunition pouches – all designed to offer distinct advantages.

The best tactical backpacks offer a combination of comfort and utility, making them an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement professionals, hunters, and anyone else who needs a reliable bag to carry their gear.

What Features Should I Look For in a Tactical Backpack?

When looking for the perfect tactical backpack, there are certain features you should consider.

  • Size: Size is important – select a tactical backpack that’s large enough to accommodate all necessary items, but small enough to keep from being bulky and cumbersome.
  • Comfort: Look for backpacks with adjustable straps, which will help you customize the fit for maximum comfort.
  • Durability: Look for durable materials like polyester, nylon, or Cordura, designed to withstand wear and tear.
  • Storage: Look for backpacks that offer a variety of compartments and pockets to store your gear, including MOLLE webbing for attaching additional pouches and ammo clips.
  • Hydration pack compatibility: Make sure the backpack has an internal hydration bladder pocket or sleeve and external loops to hang a hydration bladder.
  • Weight: Ensure the backpack is lightweight, as heavier backpacks can cause fatigue and discomfort during long hikes or missions.
  • Style: Find a style that fits your needs and aesthetic, such as camouflage, urban camo, or solid colors.

How to Choose the Right Tactical Backpack

First and foremost think about what you use your tactical gear for. Are you hunting every weekend in the woods? Are you a daily fly fisherman? Do you want something that can go from the gym to the shooting range?

Once you know what you need in a tactical backpack, it’s time to start shopping. With the rise of tactical backpacks in the market, it can be hard to narrow down your choices. Here are some tips for choosing the best tactical backpack for you.

What Will it Be Used For?

What do you need your tactical backpack to do? Once you figure out the must haves then you can decide on what added features are nice to have.

If you are looking for a bag to carry survival gear or firearms, look for one with plenty of compartments and pockets to store items securely like our Crusher backpack which has pockets everywhere. Lightweight backpacks like our Stealth are best for outdoor adventures like hiking as they won’t weigh you down while walking long distances.

Where Will it Go?

If you’re looking for a tactical backpack that will fit your body and lifestyle, consider the size and shape of the bag. Some bags like our Sling Bag Collection are designed to be more versatile and can be worn over the shoulder or across chest to add a little variation from a backpack. Others come with adjustable straps to find the perfect fit for your build.

If you’re planning to use the backpack for long-distance travel or to store heavier items, the best tactical backpacks have thick, padded shoulder straps and hip belts. This helps distribute the weight more evenly across your body, making it easier and more comfortable to carry.

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What Kind of Gear Will it Carry?

The type of gear you carry will determine the size and shape of your best tactical backpack. If you’re carrying laptops, cameras, drones, or other electronics, look for a bag with plenty of pocket compartments and padding to keep them safe and secure. Or, if you’re like some of our team and you just like to know that everything has a home so when you need to grab for your jerky or your extra ammo you know exactly which compartment it’s in. 

For outdoor activities such as hiking or camping, choose a larger bag that can fit tents, sleeping bags, and cooking supplies.

For military use, a rugged bag with MOLLE webbing will be the best choice. The MOLLE system allows you to attach extra pouches and pockets for items like ammunition, medical supplies, and communication gear.

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