How To: Wearing a Tactical Sling Bag

How To: Wearing a Tactical Sling Bag

Don’t let them fool you. Tactical sling bags are perfect for the adventurous traveler or outdoor enthusiast. While these compact bags are versatile, you might wonder how to get the most use and wear out of your sling bag.

Whether you’re hitting the trails or need a go bag, sling bags are perfect for outdoor activities. They are easy to carry, lightweight, and made from durable materials, so they can withstand any environment. The quick access pockets organize your items easily. Easy to swing forward, a sling bag makes it easy to store and retrieve your items without having to lug around a large backpack.

Sling bags are an excellent choice for transporting your daily essentials too. They are compact enough to fit everything you need, like your wallet, keys, phone, multi-tool, and more. Whether traveling, commuting, or just heading out for errands these bags offer comfortable and convenient storage for all your essential items.

The MOLLE webbing makes these tactical sling bags versatile because you can customize them with additional pouches and compartments. While it may seem simple, it’s worth noting how versatile they are since they can be worn multiple ways.

Wear a Sling Bag Across Your Back

This is perhaps the most common way to wear a sling bag. This involves wearing the sling bag with the straps placed across your chest, and the main storage compartment across your back. This ensures you have nothing in front of you that could hamper you when hiking, fishing, or any other outdoor activity.

Wearing a sling bag like this makes it more difficult to reach the compartments without removing your bag. The shoulder straps with pockets are handy if you are wearing a sling backpack like an Expo EDC sling bag. You can use the adjustable straps to make it fit snugly.

Wear a Sling Bag Across Your Chest

When wearing a sling bag this way, the main compartment is right across your chest. The straps would be across your back.

This is perfect for reducing additional weight on your back. It ensures you don’t have to remove your sling bag to get what you need. This way, you can wear your sling bag with a larger backpack for bulkier items.

Wearing your sling bag like this is also easier if you don’t want to remove it when reclining or leaning back. You can take a break without needing to remove your sling bag completely. Wearing it this way is a great anti-theft measure because you can see the storage area at all times.

Having it across your chest makes it easier to access medical supplies if you use it as a medpack. This can be a real lifesaver during dire moments when you are hunting, hiking, or doing any vigorous activities.

When you wear a sling bag like this, it can get in your way. However, sleeker designs like our Ronin (KROSS) sling bag make this less troublesome.

Wear a Sling Bag Over Your Shoulder

There are different types of sling bags; each can be worn differently. Most of them can be worn over the shoulder as a shoulder bag for casual everyday carry.

Our Timer Messenger Bag is perfect for this. The main storage area is at your side, so you can easily access your items. You wouldn’t need to remove or wear your messenger bag or sling bag across your chest.

The main disadvantage of wearing a messenger bag and sling bag like this is uneven weight distribution on your shoulders. It isn’t as secure when you wear a sling bag like this since the straps aren’t snugly placed across your body. 

However, it can also be worn like a crossbody bag over the shoulders.

When you wear it as a crossbody sling bag, the storage area is at your side. However, it reduces the strain on your shoulder.

Wearing your sling like this for a short period or while it’s lightweight is great for everyday activities. If you wear a sling bag over your shoulder for an extended period, you could put excessive weight on your shoulder. This is especially true if you are carrying heavier items.

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