What Is a Bug Out Bag?

What Is a Bug Out Bag?

Emergencies can arise at any moment, and you should stay prepared. That’s why a survival kit should always be a part of your emergency plans during a long journey or natural disaster.

When disasters strike, having a well-stocked emergency kit can be a matter of life and death.

So, what is a bug-out bag used for? A bug-out bag is a 72-hour kit or grab bag with survival supplies.

A bug-out bag can be packed in a backpack, duffel bag or any other durable bag you have on hand.

What Should You Pack in a Bug-Out Bag?

While the contents depend on your personal needs, there are certain essential items that every survival kit should include:

1. Food and Water

Regarding survival, water is undoubtedly the most crucial item on the list. Without it, our bodies cannot function properly, and dehydration can quickly lead to dangerous health issues. You should keep these essential items at the top of your bug-out bag list:

  • water purification tablets
  • life straw
  • stainless steel water bottle
  • water filter

These readily available items ensure you can get safe drinkable water from any water source you come across. Additionally, a hydration pack can provide an efficient way to stay hydrated while on the move.

High-energy, non-perishable food items are convenient and have a long shelf life. These items include:

  • canned foods
  • Non-perishables
  • energy bars
  • MREs (meals ready to eat)

A compact camping stove and lightweight pot or pan can also come in handy.

2. First Aid Kit

An excellent first aid kit and medicine pouch are critical for everyone’s safety. It will allow you to treat minor cuts, bruises and sudden illnesses. Essential supplies include:

  • bandages
  • antiseptic wipes
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • medical tape
  • pain relievers

3. Shelter

A lightweight tent or tarp, a sleeping bag, an inflatable camping mat, and a warm blanket can give you temporary shelter. These basic shelter items can help protect you from exposure to the elements and ensure your safety in unexpected circumstances.

4. Tools and Equipment

Having the right tools and supplies in your bugout bag make all the difference for outdoor adventures or emergencies. It would help if you had basic essentials like:

  • multi-tool
  • extra batteries
  • hand-cranked flashlight
  • portable solar charger
  • fire starter or lighter
  • whistle for attracting attention
  • duct tape
  • sturdy knife
  • paracord
  • pepper spray

5. Navigation and Maps

When exploring unfamiliar territories, you need reliable maps and navigation tools in your bug-out bag. Physical maps and compasses are invaluable because they can help you locate resources, find your way home, and stay on track. 

6. Clothing

The elements can take their toll if you find yourself lost in the wilderness or stranded during a disaster. It would be best if you had a change of clothes in your bug-out bag. This should include outerwear, underwear, and socks. 

Also, keep protection against rain, wind, and other harsh conditions. Add a hat, gloves, scarf, and waterproof poncho to your kit, depending on the weather.

7. Personal Hygiene Items

Keeping a compact personal hygiene kit in your bug-out bag is always a good idea. This should include basics like a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, toilet paper, and any necessary sanitary items.

8. Personal Documents

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially regarding our personal identification and important documents. In times of emergency, you should have copies of your important documentation. This could include an ID, passport, birth certificate, and other essential documents in your bug-out bag. Additionally, a list of emergency contacts and some cash reserves (including coins) can prove invaluable when electronic transactions are impossible.

9. Communication Devices

Natural disasters and emergencies can strike anytime, leaving you without access to communication channels. Keeping a radio in your bug-out bag can be a lifesaver. It allows you to receive emergency broadcasts and stay informed about the situation.

You can use a fully charged pre-paid cell phone or vital communications with family members or emergency services.

Choose the Best Bug-Out Bag

When a disaster occurs, you need a bug out bag that can get you through the worst circumstances. You need a bag that is durable and weather resistant. It should also allow you to find the right tools easily when you need them. A bug-out bag should be customized to your climate, location and personal needs. 

Thankfully, you aren’t short of options with our selection of backpacks, duffel bags, and tactical gear. Our tactical gear can handle the harshest conditions and they are built for comfort while carrying.

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